“Cheer Up Nara by Music”

Shogo Arai Governor of Nara Prefecture

“musikfest Nara” has started with the thought in June 2012, and this is going to be its third music festival.

It has generated various communications by spotting every kind of domestic and international music while we center on classic music.

Since we hold the festival in June when it is off season for sightseeing, we could gain the cooperation of parties concerned in Nara including temples. Many performers and visitors give us kind words like “We are looking forward to next June.”

We are preparing “2014 musikfest NARA” with various programs along with the collaboration with food and art, the symbolic special stage in Nara Park, and holding the festival broader area in Nara. We expect many people to enjoy “Music Fest Nara 2014”.

We hope to share the brilliance of this music festival with more local population, and to make it as the thing to be revered in and around the prefecture.

Please get the drift and give us your kind support. We will be appreciated very much.


Title 2014 musikfest NARA
Date June 14(Sat.)-29(Sun.) 16 days
Place about 100 places including cultural buildings in Nara, temples, museums, hotels, restaurants, free-spaces in towns, etc.
Host Executive Committee of Music Fest Nara, Nara prefecture
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